Thursday, October 24, 2013

Floor Replacement - 2

Driver side floor repairs and sub-frame connectors.
 Sub frame connectors being fabricated from 2" tick wall square tube.

 Rusted floor and outer torque box removed.
 Sub-frame connector - drivers side.
 New torque box - drivers side.
 New long floor pan - passenger side.
New toe board lower firewall section - passenger side.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Floor replacement-1

Replacing the rusted sheet metal on the uni body is the starting place for this project. The interior has been removed from the car. Removing the carpet and padding revels the rusted floor pans. The rocker panel are rust free, and the transmission/drive-line hump is in good shape so the long pans for each side will be replaced starting with the drivers side first. The toe board on the drivers side will also be replace. The driver side torque box is rusted trough under the toe board. I had not expected this. The front half will need to be replace before the new pan can be installed. On the positive side the sub frame and supports are in good condition and will need to be cleaned up, but not replaced.
The new driver side long pan with the tow board. These were ordered from National Parts Depot.
This is what's left of the front foot well and toe board. You can see the hole in the torque box on the far left.
The seat riser is savable with a little repair along the lower front and media blasting.
This is the rear foot well. There is some surface rust on the top of the rear torque boxes but is nothing serious and can be cleaned up with media blast.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21, 2012 How the car looks today.

This is how the car looks after being pulled from twenty plus years of storage. Not exactly the car that only got driven to church on Sunday, but I have seen lots worse. It is now in my garage where I can access the condition body, chassis, motor/transmission, and interior. These photos where taken after the car was uncovered from being in storage. Photo 1.) The front fenders solid and only have a small amount of surface rust. The passenger door is rust free but has a few holes from were a dent was pulled out. The rockers are solid. The rear sheet metal is a whole other story which is common of 60's Mustangs. As you can see the RH rear quarter has been removed and will need to be replaced. The outer portion of the inner wheel well, and trunk extension to the lower quarter are rusted through.
Photo 2.) The diver side door has a dent lower front, but is solid and rust free. The rear quarter will need to be skinned, and replacd as will the inner well, and trunk extension.
Photo 3/4.) The hood is good, as are the front extentsions, and headlight assemblies. The bumper is tweeked, the grill and front valance are in great condition.
Photo 5.) The rear window is broken, The rest of the rear is complete, and solid. The pot metal light bezels have some pitting is the chrome which is expected after forty-five years.
Photo 6.) The motor is complete and was in running order when the car was stored. But it has sat for a very long time. With 89,000 miles on the odometer the motor and transmission should at worst case be rebuild-able.
Photo 7.) The interior needs to be replaced. The gauges are in good condition, and the bezels are restorable.

History of the car

My first car April 1976 when I was 16. The car was purchased new by my parents in late '67. It is a coupe Sport Sprint edition. It was Diamond Green, (almost white) two tone ivy gold interior,200 hp/289 V8, and automatic transmission. The Sprint Sport was a trim package that included: Chrome air cleaner lid, polished aluminum rocker panel moldings, Stainless Steel drip rails, leather wrapped floor shifter, wider tires, and full wheel covers. The '67 Mustang was one of my favorite cars then, and remains so today. The car was mere nine years old in '76, garage kept, and in good condition. AH
This is how the car looked from '77 thru '79. The body was made perfect and repainted by me in the original factory color. The interior redone in a moss colored crushed velvet (popular at the time). The exhaust was dueled out with chrome bell tips. American Racing Turbo wheels and wide Remington tires. Air shocks were used in the rear to help give the car an acceptable stance. It was my daily driver and very nice car in the day. AH
I went over seas in the summer of '79 and would later return in 81. The car was driven my other family members while I was away. When I return it was again repainted in the original color. Still a nice car I drove it until '84. The car although passed around has always remained in the family, and was driven until about '90. The car was parked, and remained in storage for 22 years. I recently acquired the car and is now in my garage awaiting a complete rebuild. AH