Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21, 2012 How the car looks today.

This is how the car looks after being pulled from twenty plus years of storage. Not exactly the car that only got driven to church on Sunday, but I have seen lots worse. It is now in my garage where I can access the condition body, chassis, motor/transmission, and interior. These photos where taken after the car was uncovered from being in storage. Photo 1.) The front fenders solid and only have a small amount of surface rust. The passenger door is rust free but has a few holes from were a dent was pulled out. The rockers are solid. The rear sheet metal is a whole other story which is common of 60's Mustangs. As you can see the RH rear quarter has been removed and will need to be replaced. The outer portion of the inner wheel well, and trunk extension to the lower quarter are rusted through.
Photo 2.) The diver side door has a dent lower front, but is solid and rust free. The rear quarter will need to be skinned, and replacd as will the inner well, and trunk extension.
Photo 3/4.) The hood is good, as are the front extentsions, and headlight assemblies. The bumper is tweeked, the grill and front valance are in great condition.
Photo 5.) The rear window is broken, The rest of the rear is complete, and solid. The pot metal light bezels have some pitting is the chrome which is expected after forty-five years.
Photo 6.) The motor is complete and was in running order when the car was stored. But it has sat for a very long time. With 89,000 miles on the odometer the motor and transmission should at worst case be rebuild-able.
Photo 7.) The interior needs to be replaced. The gauges are in good condition, and the bezels are restorable.

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