Sunday, March 18, 2012

Floor replacement-1

Replacing the rusted sheet metal on the uni body is the starting place for this project. The interior has been removed from the car. Removing the carpet and padding revels the rusted floor pans. The rocker panel are rust free, and the transmission/drive-line hump is in good shape so the long pans for each side will be replaced starting with the drivers side first. The toe board on the drivers side will also be replace. The driver side torque box is rusted trough under the toe board. I had not expected this. The front half will need to be replace before the new pan can be installed. On the positive side the sub frame and supports are in good condition and will need to be cleaned up, but not replaced.
The new driver side long pan with the tow board. These were ordered from National Parts Depot.
This is what's left of the front foot well and toe board. You can see the hole in the torque box on the far left.
The seat riser is savable with a little repair along the lower front and media blasting.
This is the rear foot well. There is some surface rust on the top of the rear torque boxes but is nothing serious and can be cleaned up with media blast.

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